*RJO was founded in 1966 so its members could buy better diamonds at a lower cost. This buying power assures that you are getting a great diamond at a great price.


Here at Alan Miller Jewelers we specialize in both repairing jewelry - including intricate and delicate repairs on antique pieces - and custom designing that special piece of jewelry for you.  Our master jeweler/goldsmith is experienced in all phases of repair work, including repairs to platinum.

Creating a custom design - from making the original sketch of a new piece of jewelry to making the models for it to creating the finished piece - is all done right her on premises.  That means you are always part of the process and can have that special piece created just as you like.

Platinum is the most precious and most durable of all the precious metals. That is why platinum is the metal of choice for heirloom pieces. Because platinum is a very special metal, not all shops are properly equipped to service it correctly. Alan has the latest laser technology for servicing platinum right in the store. This means that the highest quality platinum work currently available in the industry is available to you right in the Toledo area.
If you have a damaged ring, pendent, or other platinum or other jewelry item, it can be repaired for you in much less time right here in Toledo than it would take if it were sent out for repair. That's the Alan Miller difference!

And there's more!  Alan's Sticks and Stones Custom Jewelry project benefits the Pearson Park Project..  Stop in today and ask about a one-of-a kind creation that helps give back to the community!


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