*RJO was founded in 1966 so its members could buy better diamonds at a lower cost. This buying power assures that you are getting a great diamond at a great price.


Why should I view the different shapes of diamonds in the un-mounted state?  One Word - Quality!  You need to see your diamond in the un-mounted state because that allows you to see its true quality.  Viewing the diamond this way stimulates the creative process.  Sure you want to purchase a beautiful diamond gift, but does it have to be just like the one everyone else has?

Alan has one of the largest selections of loose diamonds in the area, and every diamond in the store is hand picked by Alan himself.  When you choose from a selection of fine loose diamonds, you are assured that the quality of the diamond is the very best. There are no hidden flaws that you just didn't see because the stone was already mounted.

Selecting from loose stones assures the quality of the selection that you are making.  Alan only sells AGS and GIA certified diamonds and diamonds graded by his own graduate gemologist.  Alan sorts through hundreds of diamonds to pick out only the very best.  All of this extra effort means you can be sure you are buying a quality diamond when you buy it from Alan Miller Jewelers.

There's more!  Because of RJO and IJO buying power, Alan gets diamonds at the very best price available.  He even has AGS Ideal 0 Stones in stock (ideally cut stones).  Let Alan and his friendly staff help you pick out that perfect diamond or other jewelry gift today!


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